In commodity markets, service is the clincher when it comes to customer satisfaction.
Which is why we set great store by optimal processes in deliveries to our customers. We are continuously improving service levels by deploying the latest equipment.

Smooth work sequences


Handling the daily high number of deliveries requires glitch-free logistics. For this purpose, we make use of time-slot management.
Starting on 23.05.2016, we switched to the new TSM system from Transporeon, the aim being to unload incoming goods efficiently and minimize vehicle waiting times. Overview of process flow

Collection of new paper (Outbound)

At SCHOELLERSHAMMER, carriers can load 24/7, on 365 days. Overview of process flow

Flexible storage – Our service



Consignment warehouse

We’re only too pleased to meet your need to have daily requirements covered with a consignment warehouse. For this, we use ultra-modern communications like EDI to optimize process flows to ensure a perfect supply chain.



Automated warehouse

In our fully automated crane-served warehouse, your goods are stored and retrieved by vacuum crane damage-free. For this, we are building 15-m-high reel stacks. Our PM5 warehouse currently has a capacity of 8,000 t. Once paper machine 6 is up and running, we will be commissioning a second 12,000-t warehouse.

Incoming goods


Incoming deliveries of recovered paper are during the stated opening hours. Once PM6 is commissioned, we will have a storage capacity of some 25,000 t, equivalent to 17 working-day requirements. After incoming-goods inspection, the recovered paper is stored, separated by grade, and fed to production according to the FIFO principle. By inputting virgin fibres, we guarantee the quality of our products.



We use our fibre residues in-house for the energy supply.
Any rejects are collected by our disposal partners and used for energy. This closes the recycling loop for our waste material as well.



Our Dispatch works round the clock to ensure that deliveries are on time. With the opening of the new entry for collecting traffic, we are commissioning – for process control – a modern yard-management system which guides and supports the truck driver on the factory grounds after weighing and signing in. We also handle container loading at our mill.

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Frank Vogeler
Frank Vogeler

Head of Logisitcs

Reinhold Rank
Reinhold Rank

Head of Depot Procurement