Being specialists in packaging papers, we know our customers’ needs. Our products can hold their own against any competition worldwide and clinch matters with high strengths and perfect runnability.

Products and supply chain

Corrugating medium and testliner 2/3 are our main products.
As of late, we have also been making “Hammerflute”, our high-performance fluting and “Hammerliner”. These better qualities can in some cases also replace virgin-fibre paper. We would be delighted to present the performance of our new grades in a personal discussion.

Supply chain is writ large!
We offer EDI link-up and solutions for consignment warehouses to help reduce working capital and enhance the efficient use of your resources.

Corrugating medium


Let’s corrugate!

We are the corrugators. Our corrugating medium performs superbly everywhere in Europe and, in addition to high strengths, offers perfect runnability. That boosts the efficiency of our customers’ machines.

Starting, corrugating medium up to 115 g/m² is being produced on PM6. Upward of 120 g/m², corrugating medium and also Hammerflute is made on PM5. Both machines are state of the art.

Smooth transition to your production

From the re-reeler with automatic end gluing, the paper rolls are driven to our automatic crane-served store and stacked there by vacuum crane.
Everything, including retrievals, is contactless, so that you receive your paper free from damage.



On the rise throughout Europe

For great printability, our testliner is especially clean since we take special care in cleaning recovered paper. We offer different levels of water resistance (Cobb 1800). High strengths, constant colour and good flatness after processing are the quality hallmarks of our testliner.


As in the case of corrugating medium, testliner 2/3 up to 115 g/m² is run on our new PM6 (5.60 m wide) and, upward of 120 g/m², on our PM5. We produce all special grades, eg the “Hammerliner”, on PM5 using our highly flexible spraysizer.

Smooth transition to your production

With a warehousing capacity of 20,000 t, our supplies are quick and assured. Thanks to contactless storage in/removal from our finished-goods warehouses, we avoid damage in transit. Round-the-clock loading ensures flexible, punctual deliveries.

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Andreas Penner

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Stefan Cremer

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