• PM 5 and PM 6

    High-tech plants for corrugating medium and testliner While PM5 is very efficient in high weights (grammage) upward of 120 g/m², the new PM6 will specialize in low weights per unit area.

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  • Supply Chain

    Service is important in the commodity sector. We offer solutions for the EDI connection and consignment. With automatical warehouse we can guarantee perfect quality in the supply chain.

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Corrugating medium

We supply the basis for your success

Corrugated board base paper (containerboard) is the semi-finished product for making corrugated-board packaging. Being specialists in “brown” packaging papers, we know our customers’ needs and guarantee an especially clean sheet thanks to careful selection of the raw materials and perfect fibre screening. Our products can hold their own against any competition worldwide and clinch matters with high strengths and perfect runnability.
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Automated warehouses


With modern planning tools and standardized processes, our logistics department ensures deliveries just as you need them.


On the rise throughout Europe

On the rise throughout Europe
High strengths, constant colour and good flatness after processing are the quality hallmarks of our testliner. For great printability, our testliner is especially clean since we take special care in cleaning recovered paper. We offer various sizings (eg Cobb 1800).
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Paper fibre residues from processing recovered paper used for the energy supply, 100% FSC-certified products.


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Paper technologist

Alex, our apprentice, gives some insight into his vocational training as paper technologist